Walk down the streets of Stuttgart's historic pastThe Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie is a memorial to prairie pioneers with over 10,000 artifacts. The winner of many awards for leadership in the field of conservation, this unique museum depicts the history of agriculture and the pioneers who farmed the Grand Prairie of eastern Arkansas from the 1800's to 1921.


All of the artifacts in this museum were donated by descendents and pioneers, many of them still farming their forefathers' land. Through these displays, you'll learn how the prairie pioneer farmers lived, worked and played.


We have several outbuildings:
Newspaper Shop - an 1895 Freepress, Stuttgart's first English newspaper. Visit our Waterfowl Wing to learn about hunting on the Grand Prairie.

Fire House - Stuttgart's first 'store bought' hand cranked fire truck.

Outhouse - Privy.

Prairie School House - a replica of the once used Independence school located 3 1/2 miles northeast of Stuttgart in 1952 -  a colony of Mennonites from the Midwest established the school in the 1880's.

Church - a 2/3 scale replica of the Lutheran Church built by founder Rev. Adam Buerkle.

Prairie House - a replica of an early prairie house with artifacts there were used by families in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

See our nationally recognized Waterfowl Wing. It depicts the early morning duck hunt, identifies species of ducks and their calls. A collection of decoys, guns and a duck blind.

Visit our photo gallery to see just a few of our many unique collections. Click here to read about the history of Stuttgart.



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